Stories of Hope: HANI

Hani comes from a poor family. Her mother operates a little food store in front of their house, selling rice and vegetables to the blue collar workers in their village. Through hard work and diligent saving, Hani’s parents were able to put her through university. During her university years, Hani would buy little snacks from town, repackage them, and would sell them on campus to supplement her transportation money to and from her home and University.

When Hani graduated, she searched for a long time to find a job as an administrator with a company in a nearby town. Transportation was an old motorcycle her Uncle had loaned to her for the 45-minute commute away from her village. Her work environment was very unpleasant as her employer would shout and scream at his employees on a daily basis. Hani found the environment unbearable.  

Finally, she quit and came to work for us as our Store Manager at the All Good Gifts shop. Hani is very efficient and dependable. She is one of the faces of our business in the community and represents us well. Her leadership skills have continued to grow and the others in the store love working with her. Now married, Hani helps provide for her family and helps her younger siblings through school and university.

Every product you purchase from Perchaya has its own personality and tells a story of another young woman able to earn a living for her family.  Thank you for investing in young women like Hani through your purchase of handcrafted goods

*names have been changed to protect the girls and their families


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