Stories of Hope: PRI

Hello, my name is Pri. I am 52 years old, and I have 2 sons. My older son is 23 years old, and the younger is 14 years old.

I got married in 2000. My husband works selling snacks for children called Cilot. If you only sell Cilot snacks, you cannot meet the needs of life. So, I looked for a job, so I can help my husband by earning an income. At that time, someone offered me a job polishing tires. For polishing one tire, I earned IDR 500 (about $0.03 USD, or 3 cents). I felt embarrassed because I had to work as a tire polisher. Also, the tire polish is poisonous and smells very bad, and I had to breathe it all day. But I still do it with the aim of helping my husband.

The tires come in once a month. Sometimes I sell fried food near the tire store where I polish the tires. Even though I work hard and feel embarrassed, I always think that my work is halal. That's what always gives me enthusiasm. But sometimes the work is also lonely. I really hope to be able to sew FAVE bags at home. It is a clean job with decent wages, and it can help me to increase my income and lighten my husband's burden. By sewing FAVE bags, I can work in a more relaxed manner, my hands are not dirty, and I can be accompanied by my younger son. So, I was very grateful when I was able to sew FAVE bags for All Good Gifts. I always pray that there will be lots of orders for FAVE bags, so that I can generate income to help my family's economy.

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