Stories of Hope: RATNA

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ratna. I am 29 years old.

In the past I worked in a factory for 8 years. Then I got married at the age of 21 and after marriage I was blessed with a son, then 3 years later I was blessed with a second child. Because I was busy with 2 children (aged 7 years and 4 years) I decided to stop working at the factory.

If you work in a factory, you leave early in the morning and come back quite late in the afternoon, and if you work overtime until late at night, you can't care for and look after your children.

My husband works in an asbestos factory as contract (outsourced) labor. Yesterday after Eid my husband was laid off, due to the factory having enough stock. Now I'm working again at the factory as the factory's needs, even though I'm worried that I could be laid off at any time, because I'm not a permanent employee.

So, I was lucky to be introduced by my neighbor, Ms. Dwi, to sewing FAVE bags so we can help our families. When my husband is at home, I can at least help him a little to fulfill his needs.

Because the children are still small, they need to go to school and eat every day. So, I am grateful that sewing FAVE bags really helps with our income.

It's also nice to be able to sew at home, as I can look after my children, too, and of course, my children are happy, because they don't have to be left while I work for so long. If I work at home my children can still see me.

I hope there will be lots of orders for FAVE bags, because as long as there is no work on FAVE bags, I will be forced to go back to work at the factory again so that I can earn extra money. Even though the work was very hard, and I had to leave my children, I was forced to work in a factory.

I hope I can work again sewing FAVE bags and can accompany my children at home, because my children need me.

Thank You.

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