Stories of Hope: WATI

Ducks without Borders:  Wati

Our handcrafted products give hope to a new generation of women and families in Indonesia eliminating exploitation through job creation and education. 


Stories of Hope: Wati

Wati comes from a farming village up in the mountains of Central Java. The families in the village walk one hour down winding roads and ravines to the main road to grab public transportation, and another hour back up the mountain after work. At a young age, Wati started working as a domestic helper in a city very far from her village. Her employer only allowed her to go home once a year. Her parents felt very sad to have their young daughter so far from home.  

Wati came to us for a job. She works hard to learn new skills and be a great employee. After time, she saved up enough money to buy transportation to cut down her travel time to work. When she married, she was the sole provider for her family, as her husband comes from a poor family of farmers. At her wedding, her uncle who lives in another village farther away, came to us and said, “you don’t know me, but I have heard about you from my niece and that you are a good employer.” Her family was pleased not only that she has a good job, but that she can stay in her village, safe from workplace and sexual exploitation. 

When Wati was asked what she like about her job, she said that she looks forward to coming to work every day because it is like working with her family.


Every product you purchase from Perchaya has its own personality and tells a story of another young woman able to earn a living for her family. Thank you for investing in young women like Wati through your purchase of handcrafted goods. 

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